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Fred Van Lente Spins "Web of Spider-Man"

This Spring, "Web of Spider-Man" begins a new direction with its first multi-part story arc, "The Extremist." CBR News spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about the storyline and his plans for the series.

Van Lente Puts Spider-Man in a Sand Trap

The latest chapter of the ongoing saga "The Gauntlet" is a two part tale that pits Spidey against his old foe, Sandman. CBR spoke with writer Fred Van Lente about the arc and his Spidey work scheduled for early 2010.

Dan Slott's Got A "List"

CBR News spoke with Dan Slott about this week's "Dark Reign: The List - Amazing Spider-Man," in which Spidey duked it out with the all-powerful Norman Osborn, the January return of Mysterio during "The Gauntlet," and more.