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Rich is attending the London premiere of "Watchmen," Mark Waid steps up in defense of Grant Morrison, DC's new weekly series is (sort of) announced, there's some changes in store for The Flash's colors and more.


One of The Flash's most classic foes, The Trickster has existed in two incarnations, both of whom have had quite a ride in events connected with DC Comics' epic "Final Crisis." We look at the characters' origins.

Midway releases new MK vs DCU footage

Midway has released two new "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe" videos showing the new Pro/Super Moves developed for the fighter as well as Green Lantern, Flash and Raiden's Finishing Moves.


A study in contrasts: he is an honorable rogue, a loving brother and friend, a lethal enemy, and courageous leader. As he takes the Rogues on one last mission, CBR looks at the not always cold heart of Captain Cold.

When environmentally friendly isn't so, a peek at Dave Sim's next issue of "Glamourpuss," more on "DCU Elementary," changes coming for the world of the Flash, the latest Platinum/DJ Coffman tussle and more! UPDATED with the "No Heroics" promo.

Lots to cover this week including what Mark Millar actually didn't say, what Mark Bagley's project after "Trinity" may be, one prominent creator talks about the changes to Bart Allen, could a Loeb/Silvestri project be in the works and much more.

CCI: Ethan Van Sciver: Rebirth

CBR News sat down with Ethan Van Sciver at Comic-Con International to talk "Rebirth," DC/Marvel amlgamations and to find out which character he'd be happy not to sketch for a while...

"Heroes" Star Brea Grant's Need For Speed

We catch up with the latest addition to "Heroes," Brea Grant, as we find out what it's been like to step into the comic book archetype of the speedster and take on everyone's favorite hero, Hiro Nakamura. Plus, her favorite comics!

The Biggest SPOILER Ever

If you haven't yet been to the comics store or read Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns' "DC Universe" #0 -- in stores now -- you may want to heed this BIGGEST SPOILER WARNING EVER.

REFLECTIONS #240: Mark Waid

Mark Waid stops by to talk about his job as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, what he looks for in comics pitches that come across his desk, and his work on “Brave and the Bold” and “The Flash.”

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