the flash: rebirth

The Flash: Rebirth #1

Expanding on the events from "DC Universe: Rebirth" #1, Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico make "The Flash: Rebirth" #1 a well-characterized, likeable and welcoming issue for new and returning readers alike.

WC10: Ethan Van Sciver Spotlight

At WonderCon Friday, artist Ethan Van Sciver candidly discussed his career first as an independent creator working on "Cyber Frog" all the way to "Green Lantern" at DC Comics, as well as upcoming work with Gail Simone.

The Return of Geoff Johns Prime

Geoff Johns, the superstar writer behind DC Comics' "Blackest Night," "The Flash: Rebirth," "Adventure Comics" and "Superman: Secret Origin," is ready for another round of Q&As with CBR readers, and he needs your questions!


The superstar writer joins CBR for this latest installment of his bi-monthly, reader generated Q&A session, discussing the science of "Blackest Night" and "The Flash: Rebirth," teasing future plans for Black Manta, and more.

Ethan Van Sciver's Need for Speed

Ethan Van Sciver was feeling the love at FanExpo, and wearing a violet Lantern Corps hat to prove it. The superstar artist shared his thoughts on DC's two major events currently underway: "The Flash: Rebirth" and "Blackest Night."

IN-DEPTH: Ethan Van Sciver

With "Blackest Night" on sale now, artist Ethan Van Sciver goes in-depth with CBR about his involvement with the epic Green Lantern saga as well as his earlier work on "Cyberfrog," "Impulse," "New X-Men" and more.


With "Blackest Night" #1 on sale now, CBR returns with GEOFF JOHNS PRIME, our exclusive feature where superstar writer Geoff Johns answers your questions about Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman and more.

Norman Osborn's back in fine form this week, Tony Stark borrows a page from the Bruce Wayne playbook, Astro City is back, Deadpool's amok and more with "New Mutants," "Irredeemable," "Flash: Rebirth," and more.


CBR proudly announces a new bi-monthly feature, GEOFF JOHNS PRIME, whereby the superstar DC Comics writer will answer your questions about Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash, the Justice Society and more.

VIDEO: Geoff Johns Talks The Flash: Rebirth

Courtesy of our friends at iFanboy, CBR brings you the full hour of Geoff Johns' in-depth interview from Jim Hanley's Universe in New York, where the superstar comics writer was on hand to discuss "The Flash: Rebirth."

Geoff Johns' Universe

The writer of "The Flash: Rebirth" met withfans at Jim Hanley's Universe in New York to discuss the fast-paced return of Barry Allen to the DC Universe, the impending arrival of "Blackest Night" and his career in comic books.

Geoff Johns on Barry Allen's Rebirth

With "The Flash: Rebirth" #1 on sale now, writer Geoff Johns talks to CBR News about the long-awaited miniseries, working with Ethan Van Sciver, and what roles Wally West and Bart Allen will play now that Barry Allen's back in the picture.

Van Sciver: The "Rebirth" Of Cool

Superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver defends for CBR News the return of Barry Allen in "The Flash: Rebirth," shares his love of Jack Cole's Plastic Man, and discusses his fondness for DC's bearded King of the Sea.

FAN EXPO: A Guide to Your DC Universe

Dan Didio led the DC: A Guide to Your Universe panel at Fan Expo where it was revealed the publisher had plans for at least two more weeklies to follow "Trinity" and that Bart Allen may not be dead.

CCI: Spotlight on Ethan Van Sciver

"Rebirth" specialist Ethan Van Sciver revealed for fans at CCI the secrets that have driven his daring interpretations of Green Lantern, The Flash, New-X-men, Cybefrog and more, with hints of new work to come.

CCI: Ethan Van Sciver: Rebirth

CBR News sat down with Ethan Van Sciver at Comic-Con International to talk "Rebirth," DC/Marvel amlgamations and to find out which character he'd be happy not to sketch for a while...