the dark knight

Who Is Your Favorite Caped Crusader?

On Tuesday, we asked which of the many live-action Batman movies was your favorite, but that was just a warm-up for the real question... By now, you've seen Bruce Wayne and his alter ego being personified by five different actors, each one bringing something different to the role. But which one brought the most? That's right: We want to know the identity of your top movie Batman?

Choose Your Favorite Batman Movie

The Dark Knight Rises closes another chapter of Batman's cinematic career, giving us the chance to look back at his nearly-half century in film and ask the all-important question: Which movie was the best?

CCI: DC's Batman Panel

The fate of the Bat Family post "Night of the Owls" is on the table as Scott Snyder, John Layman, Gregg Hurwitz, Gail Simone and more share what's next for Batman as the Joker cuts his way across the line, the Penguin returns and more.

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