the buy pile

Winter Is Coming (for Fat Cobra)

Teamwork made the week's solitary jump lead off an inexpensive but effective week of comics as the industry delivered big savings on annoyances and tedium. Also? Fat Cobra!


Being thankful for a week that wins -- even if it did so by a thin margin -- as Steve Rogers gets clandestine, Adric Fell runs a lot and Tony Stark returns to the pile of purchases alongside one fun dwarf.

Let's You And Him Fight

The kids are just barely all right as cliches run rampant and plots can't find the beat, but the week of comics weakly wins, like a single ray of sunshine poking through storm clouds.

A Contest of Champions

Marvel's bad boys Norman Osborn and Loki lead the way for a great week for loving comics, even though the Serpent's leftovers linger, still dealing with ghosts of crossovers past.

No One Man Should Have All That Power

The week washes out as only one book, a mean-spirited extra-human deconstruction from Image, proves solid enough to buy and only one, a post-script event title, is bad enough to loathe, with everyone else idling.

Marvel Uber Alles

The House of Ideas dominates the purchases with better laughs from a merc with a mouth, an epic from Asgard and non-stop action from Steve Rogers' covert team. A winning week for comic fans.

Uh Oh, It's Magic

Loki and Bigby Wolf lead of a winning week that manages the "meh" through bland antagonists, the end of "Fear Itself," Ultimate Blue Beetle retconning Wakanda into weakness and so much more.

Big Bucks, No Whammies

Things go well as nothing is bad enough to curse about and DC's New 52 makes a strong showing in the purchases, from the middle ages to the possibilities of the future.

Thinking Different(ly)

Image comes on strong with two comics well worth the money, naughty as they are, plus Matt Fraction keeps "Casanova" fascinating. "Batwing," "Deadpool" and others fall flat, but can't stop the winning.

Destination Unknown

Soldiers of fortune, instruments of policy and a god of mischief lead off a winning week which didn't couldn't even be taken down by a mysterious stripper, senseless murder or lackluster writing.

Everything Old is New Again

Back to basics for the Bat, a horrifying new world for Princess Diana, pulse-pounding action for Misty Knight and ascension plans for storybook scions -- this is a fantastic week for comics.

Now, That's The Way To Relaunch!

September starts with a bang as five comics made the jump and Michael Holt steps up big time for a week that wins in a major way alongside Mephisto, Cobra, Riley Richards, Slade Wilson and the Monkey King.

The World is Very Different Now

It means "winning" when Virgil Hawkins and Casanova Quinn come back to light up your life even while David Zavimbi and Barbara Gordon disappoint in a week with big ideas vying for the spotlight.

Riding In An Atomic Cadillac

Things go well as two melee brawlers bringing it home, Warren Ellis shows Steve Rogers how it's done and Gary Phillips makes crime pay while "Flashpoint" changes Batman's facial expression. 

The Kids Are All Right

It's all about youth in action as Young Loki is as endearing as he is dangerous, the next generation of Avengers struggle with Asgard's legacy and the children of Bigby Wolf and Snow White consider the throne.

Crime & Punishment on Earth & Cybertron

Sympathy for Megatron? A murderer from the heartland of America? Bad people look good while Damian Wayne struggles to stay awake and Alpha Flight sticks to sound and fury while signifying nothing.

Thanks for King Shark

It's been quite a wild ride for Gail Simone's ruthless band of buds, but it's all over now. Meanwhile, crossovers lumber on, indies try too hard and a Puerto Rican Spidey barely makes a mark.

Basking in the Post-CCI Glow

A truly riveting group of comics made it home with a requiem for David Kim, the dark side of Riverdale, problems for narcoleptic princesses and the redemption of Flash Thompson!

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