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THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison stops by THE BAT SIGNAL for a two-part talk on where Batman has been and where he's going, the mythic elements driving the sci-fi ending of "Return of Bruce Wayne"and the revelation of Doctor Hurt's identity.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Dustin Nguyen

Artist Dustin Nguyen continues his stay in Gotham City, leaving his mark along the "Streets of Gotham" and penciling his way onto "Batgirl" while hoping to bring Lil' Gotham to the printed age.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

We spoke with Fabian Nicieza about designing "Bruce Wayne - The Road Home," DC Comics' October event spanning eight self-contained yet inter-connected one-shots covering the closest allies and oldest enemies of Batman.


The once and future writer-artist behind DC Comis' "Batman" monthly, creator Tony Daniel swings back into Gotham for new stories, a new style and the completion of his lost chapter with Grant Morrison.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Paul Cornell

This week, THE BAT SIGNAL shines on writer Paul Cornell who discussed his October-launching six-issue "Knight and Squire" miniseries featuring DC Comics' British version of the Gotham-based dynamic duo.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan looks back at his work with the Dark Knight, from his original demonic Riddler story to his recent KGB crime epic and talks about Batman stories you will and won't see from him in the future.


JH Williams spoke with THE BAT SIGNAL about the new "Batwoman: Elegy" hardcover collection, collaborating with Greg Rucka and what to expect with the upcoming "Batwoman" series he's writing as well as drawing.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Adam Beechen

Adam Beechen, the writer behind DC's in-universe relaunch of "Batman Beyond," explains his history with the Dark Knight, from comics to cartoons and how the two play off each other, from Terry McGinnis to Zur-En-Arrh.


With back-to-back Red Hood projects hitting in comics and animation, the writer who returned Jason Todd from the grave digs into his Batman writing methods, his opinions on animation and a new "Superman/Batman" story.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Behind "Batman" #700

DC Editor Mike Marts stops by to explain how the all-star anniversary issue came together, how issue #700 plays a role in the culmination of Grant Morrison's mega-epic and what twists and artists will accompany the return of Bruce Wayne.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Frazer Irving

Upcoming "Batman and Robin" artist Frazer Irving discusses his favorite takes on Batman from Brian Bolland to Adam West, the challenges of drawing the Dark Knight, and forming a dynamic duo with superstar writer Grant Morrison.


The writer behind "Streets of Gotham" and "Gotham City Sirens" swing by CBR's ongoing Bat-Column to explain what it takes to dig into villains like Hush, what hidden past will haunt Batman's future and how Poison Ivy will grow this summer.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Chris Sprouse

The artist behind the all-caveman Batman adventure that kicks off "The Return of Bruce Wayne" opens up about his early Batman gigs, his personal criticisms of his own work and returning at last to "Tom Strong."

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison

THE BAT SIGNAL spotlights Grant Morrison as he begins the Dark Knight's history-spanning homecoming back to modern day Gotham City in the highly anticipated six-issue miniseries, "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne."


After his final word with Jeremiah Arkham, incoming "Detective Comics" writer David Hine explores two kinds of madness with the introduction of The Imposter and a regular gig on DC Comics' "Azrael."


CBR debuts a new regular feature focusing on DC Comics Dark Knight as well as a full-service Batman Hub for his fans. We kick it off with an extensive interview with Editor Mike Marts on the future of the entire Bat line!

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