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THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

Fabian Nicieza drops in on CBR's THE BAT SIGNAL to discuss his plans for the next arc of "Red Robin," "Seven Days of Death," the character's approach to crime fighting and his approach to Tim Drake.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Scott Snyder

Writer Scott Snyder swings squarely into THE BAT SIGNAL to discuss his upcoming "Hungry City" arc in "Detective Comics" and exploring the history of Batman's city in the "Batman: Gates of Gotham" miniseries.

The Bat Signal: Of "Sin & Salvation"

In a special team interview, writers David Hine, Fabian Nicieza and Peter Calloway discuss the upcoming crossover focusing on the battle for Gotham's soul spanning "Batman," "Red Robin" and "Gotham City Sirens."


Judd Winick, the man who brought former Robin Jason Todd back from the dead, joins THE BATSIGNAL to discuss his upcoming three-issue run on "Batman and Robin" and explain the appeal of the ever-shifting Bat-villain.


The editor of the Batman comics line, Mike Marts swings by THE BAT SIGNAL to explain how the worlds of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson will collide while the creators of Gotham City draw the wide-ranging cast closer together.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Peter J. Tomasi

"Batman and Robin" writer Peter Tomasi, Grant Morrison's handpicked successor, swung by THE BAT SIGNAL to discuss his plans for the title, adding new bad guys to the Bat-mythos, bringing back classic rogues and more.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Bryan Q. Miller

Bryan Q. Miller discussed plans for the ongoing "Batgirl" series, including the current year's major arc, increasing Stephanie's support network beyond Gotham and what the "Death of Oracle" means for Team Batgirl.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Adam Beechen

Adam Beechen, the writer behind the new "Batman Beyond" ongoing series, returns to THE BAT SIGNAL to catch fans on up on how day-and-date digital and the future Justice League combine to draw in readers new and old.


The writer/artist behind DC's latest ongoing Batman series, David Finch swings by CBR to uncover what obscure heroes help drive the supernatural tone of "The Dark Knight" plus an exclusive preview of the first issue.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder, the writer helming DC Comics' namesake title, explained to CBR how a character from Commissioner Gordon's past and the villain challenging Dick Grayson's Batman both represent the same darkness of Gotham City.


Film director and comic fan Kevin Smith swings by THE BAT SIGNAL to look inside "The Widening Gyre," from its shocking Volume 1 finish to the controversy over Batman's bladder problems and a hint at what comes next.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Peter Calloway

The "Gotham City Sirens" writer spoke with CBR 's BAT SIGNAL about moving in with the lovely ladies of the Batman Universe, his plans for Harley, Ivy and Selina, and the long anticipated return of Bruce Wayne.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

"Red Robin" writer Fabian Nicieza spoke with CBR about his continued stay in the Batman Universe as "Batman Incorporated" begins and Tim Drake rises back to his place in the Bat-Family, deals with women troubles and more.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Tony Daniel & David Finch

With a pair of Dark Knights suiting up for the all-new "Batman Inc." era, CBR's THE BAT SIGNAL shines on the two writer-artists charting solo adventures for Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, Tony Daniel and David Finch.


David Hine returns to CBR's regular column to discuss his continued work on the "Azrael" ongoing series and his upcoming two-part story in the "Batman" and "Detective Comics" annuals.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving, the artist on the acclaimed "Batman And Robin Must Die!" arc, explains how his history with Grant Morrison and Batman collided, why he's tired of Puritans and how he controls the visual tone of Gotham City.

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