Terra Nova

Avatar Villain Heads To Terra Nova

Stephen Lang, the esteemed character actor recently seen as Colonel Quarritch in Avatar, is in talks to join the cast of Terra Nova, Steven Spielberg's time-traveling television series for Fox.

Allison Miller Joins Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova

Allison Miller has been cast in Terra Nova, the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi series set to premiere next year on Fox. Miller joins Jason O'Mara in the big-budget dino-drama about people from the near-future who travel to prehistoric Earth in hopes of saving humanity.

Fringe Director Is Sent To Terra Nova

Fox has hired Fringe director Alex Graves to direct the pilot for Terra Nova, the upcoming science fiction series produced by Steven Spielberg about scientists who travel back to prehistoric Earth in order to save future civilizations.

That's Not Pandora -- That's Terra Nova

Terra Nova, the Steve Spielberg-produced dino-epic, doesn't have a pilot or a premiere date, but its promo art is already drawing comparisons to a certain James Cameron blockbuster. But what is it about the concept that made Fox order 13 episodes of the series sight unseen?

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