THE BAT SIGNAL: Tynion Brings Bane To "Talon"

After a twist ending that shook up "Talon," writer James Tynion IV explains why Bane is the perfect force to crash into the book, where the Court of Owls goes next and how he wants to make the series like "Breaking Bad."

James Tynion IV Takes "Talon" On The Road

With his mission against the Court of Owls underway, DC's newest superhero is making his way to NYC as "Talon" writer James Tynion IV tells CBR what's next including new villains, longer stories and Batman.

CCI: DC's The New Wave

The four zero titles debuting in September from DC Comics get a spotlight at Comic-Con as Dan DiDio, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and more talk "Talon," "Phantom Stranger" and beyond with new news on Stephanie Brown in "Smallville."

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