Taken 2

Taken 3 Already Being Developed

Screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen says he's already been asked by Fox to come up with a concept for a third Taken movie, thanks to the blockbuster opening weekend of the second Liam Neeson film.

Review | Taken 2

Fans of the 2008 thriller Taken know what to expect from director Olivier Megaton's sequel: an implausible plot, delightfully bad one-liners, disposable henchmen, and Liam Neeson snapping necks and kicking lots and lots of butt.

Taken 2 Is A Go, With Neeson

Taken 2 is all but confirmed, with star Liam Neeson's deal being finalized and producer Luc Besson working on a script with the first film's writer, Robert Mark Kamen.

Pierre Morel Has A Ouija Board

The Taken filmmaker is pitching his take on the Hasbro board game adaptation to Universal, while also keeping an eye on a Sam Raimi-produced alien invasion movie.