superman: american alien

Superman: American Alien #6

In "Superman: American Alien" #6, Max Landis and Jonathan Case remind both the readers and Clark Kent that sometimes a visit from home is needed to snap everything back into perspective.

Superman: American Alien #5

Max Landis and Francis Manapul turn out a spectacular comic in "Superman: American Alien" #5, where Clark Kent's encounters with Parasite, Lex Luthor and Lois Lane make him a superhero.

Superman: American Alien #4

College-aged Clark Kent lands an assignment that goes far towards shaping both of his future careers in Max Landis and Jae Lee's "Superman: American Alien" #4.

Superman: American Alien #3

Max Landis and Joelle Jones's "Superman: American Alien" #3 oozes charm with a simple but excellent story where Clark's mistaken identity touches on the problems with money and power.

Superman: American Alien #1

Max Landis, Nick Dragotta and Alex Guimarães' "Superman: American Alien" #1 is a beautiful and delightful look at a normal young boy who happens to have superpowers.