Peter Milligan Joins "Stormwatch"

DC Comics has announced Peter Milligan will come on as writer for "Stormwatch" beginning with issue #9 in May following his departure from "Justice League Dark."

Cornell Rides with the "Demon Knights"

Series writer Paul Cornell shares his views on Etrigan the demon as a leader, the effect of Camelot's fall on the book and teases what's in store for the Knights in the second arc.

Paul Jenkins Joins "Stormwatch" in March

Paul Jenkins' DC Comics workload increases in March as the "Batman: The Dark Knight" writer takes the helm of "Stormwatch" for a two-issue storyline. UPDATE: Paul Cornell announces #6 as his final issue.

Cornell Seeks Truth in "Saucer Country"

CBR spoke with writer Paul Cornell about his new UFO-centric Vertigo series "Saucer Country." He describes the series as "West Wing" does "X-Files" and revealed info on the characters. Updated with art.

Cornell Dissects "Stormwatch" #1

The first of DC's New 52 to pull the WildStorm Universe into a new era, "Stormwatch" and writer Paul Cornell serve up a love letter to Warren Ellis, a bad ass Martian Manhunter and the great romance of Apollo and Midnighter.

5 DC Comics New 52 Villains Unveiled

A number of DC Comics' new villains were introduced this afternoon via the publisher's dedicated Twitter hashtag and CBR's rounded up all the art and info for your perusal!

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