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In "Siege" #4, an era came to an end as Marvel's heroes toppled the "Dark Reign" of Norman Osborn. In our final installment of STORMING HEAVEN Brian Michael Bendis joins us for some insight into the epic issue.


In our fourth installment of STORMING HEAVEN, we welcome back writer Brian Michael Bendis for some insider commentary and insight on the penultimate issue of Marvel' Avengers event series, "Siege" #3.


In part three of STORMING HEAVEN, "Siege" writer Brian Michael Bendis joins CBR for page by page commentary on all the action, excitement, and carnage readers saw in issue #2 of the event mini-series.


In "Siege" #1, Norman Osborn and Loki cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war upon the city of Asgard and it's residents, the Norse Gods. Writer Brian Michael Bendis joined us for a page by page commentary on the issue.

STORMING HEAVEN: "Siege: The Cabal"

In the first installment of STORMING HEAVEN, CBR enlists writer Brian Michael Bendis to provide a commentary track for and insight into "Siege: The Cabal," the one-shot prologue which sets up 2010's Avengers event.