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Van Lente Recruits "G.I. Joe" For IDW

Writer Fred Van Lente spoke with CBR News about his upcoming "G.I. Joe" relaunch for IDW, including the new Joe status quo following the end of the current series and what fans can expect moving forward.

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

Want to know what's happening between the panels in the X-Men epic "Age of X?" Discover that and so much more as writer Mike Carey tackles readers' questions. Plus exclusive art!

Van Lente Takes Pride in "Iron Man Legacy"

Fred Van Lente's "Iron Man Legacy" tells new tales from the character's past and the current arc has him on the streets of Los Angeles without a dime to his name while being hunted by two ruthless supervillain groups.

Van Lente Writes His Own "Legacy"

Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth travel into Marvel's leading futurist's past in the new ongoing "Iron Man: Legacy." CBR spoke with Van Lente about his plans for the series, which will tell stories from various points in Iron Man's history.