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Hickman's "Fantastic" Theorem of "Three"

"Fantastic Four" #587 is in stores now, and one member of the titular team is no longer among the living. We spoke with Jonathan Hickman about the issue, the character that dies and the resulting fallout in the Marvel U.

Marvel Reveals FF Death

Marvel has unveiled which member of the Fantastic Four will be meeting their untimely demise in the final chapter of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting's "Three," featuring covers by Alan Davis and John Cassaday.

Mainstream Media Leaks "Fantastic Four" Death

In a move that's become routine for major shockers in the Marvel Comics Universe, news organizations across the country have started revealing the death at the heart of this week's "Fantastic Four" #587. SPOILERS ahead!

Marvel Runs Early With "Fantastic Four" #587

In anticipation of a mass media push for the issue where one of the team is killed off, Marvel Comics is allowing retailers to sell "Fantastic Four" #587 on Tuesday of next week, one of a number of changes allowed by early shipping.

Marvel Releases "FF #1: A Beginning" Teaser

Marvel Comics is starting off the week with a cryptic teaser image accompanied only by the text "FF #1: A Beginning" accompanied only by the date of March, 2011 and the names of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting.

Hickman Counts Down to "Three"

This January, one member of the "Fantastic Four" will meet their untimely end in the conclusion "Three." We spoke with writer Jonathan Hickman about what it could mean for the future of Marvel's First Family.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #584

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Fantastic Four" #584, the next issue from the critically acclaimed team of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, scheduled to hit stores on Wednesday, October 27.

"Fantastic Four" Falls To "Three"

CBR News spoke with writer Jonathan Hickman and VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort to learn more about "Three," the upcoming story-arc that will claim the life of one of Marvel's first family.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #583

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview for "Fantastic Four" #583, the first chapter of "Fantastic Four: Three" by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting. The new storyline starts September 2.

Hickman and Epting's Fantastic "Three"

Jonathan Hickman and new artist Steve Epting send the Fantastic Four on a six-part adventure in September, weaving together various elements from Hickman's run on the book into a tragic ending for one of the team.

Brubaker Talks "The Marvels Project"

CBR News spoke with writer Ed Brubaker about the revelations of the first two issues of "The Marvels Project," as well as his plans for the rest of the eight issue epic that serves as the definitive origin of the Marvel Universe.

CCI: Spotlight on Steve Epting

Steve Epting discusses his career in comic books, and describes his artistic process, how Photoshop is so pivotal in portraying Captain America's shield and when and if he'll be returning to "Captain America."

HeroesCon: Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting

The team behind "Captain America" and the upcoming "The Marvels Project," Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting met with fans at HeroesCon in Charlotte to discuss their collaborations and new projects.

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