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IMAGE EXPO: The Keynote Announcements

From Publisher Eric Stephenson's keynote address chock full of new comics from Ed Brubaker, Rick Remender, Jason Aaron and more including Robert Kirkman's epic "The Walking Dead" 10th Anniversary story "All Out War."

Inside Marvel NOW

With Marvel's anticipated post-AvX relaunch now having a name, EiC Axel Alonso opens up on Marvel NOW from why Brian Bendis is ready for the X-Men to why this isn't the New 52. Plus, exclusive art from X-Men, Avengers Academy & more!

Is the Future Dim for the Fantastic Four?

Marvel's Friday teaser for the upcoming 600th issue of "Fantastic Four" showcases Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting's collaboration for the issue, featuring a potentially grim future for the Marvel U.

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