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Why The End Of Stargate Universe Means Bad Things For Syfy

A moment of silence, please, for Syfy's SGU: Stargate Universe, which finishes its run with Monday's episode, "Gauntlet." Not only am I personally sad about the show's cancellation, I also think that it's bad news for Syfy overall. After all: Where are the network's science fiction shows now?

Syfy Cancels Stargate Universe

Syfy announced today that it won't renew Stargate Universe, the third, and perhaps final, series in MGM's science fiction-adventure franchise. The remaining 10 episodes of Season 2 will air in the spring.

David Blue Geeks Out On Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe star David Blue talks to SpinOff Online about playing Eli Wallace on Syfy's hit series, his love for Lost, Fringe and Star Trek: The Next Generation, social networking and what the future may hold for Destiny's resident math genius.

CCI: Stargate Universe

The newly branded SyFy channel introduces the continuation of the fifteen-season-long string of Stargate shows with their newest and most morally ambiguous creation, "Stargate Universe."