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Where Is The Big Budget D&D Movie?

With all the news about The Hobbit movie and movies based on fairytales being announced left, right and center, I have one very simple question to ask the collective minds of Hollywood: Why isn't there a massive Dungeons & Dragons movie being made at this very minute?

Tipton On the Origins of Khan's Wrath

"Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell" is on sale now from IDW. CBR spoke with co-writer Scott Tipton about the series, which explores the infamous villain's early days on pre- and post-apocalyptic Ceti Alpha V.

Why Do Genre Movies Come In Threes?

With the new rumor that Warner Bros is already thinking about the third Green Lantern movie before the first has even finished shooting, I started to wonder: Why are movies so obsessed with trilogies?

Which Series Had The Best Ending?

Last week, I asked which season finale has excited you most, but following a week that's seen the series finales for Lost, Law & Order, 24 and FlashForward, I'm thinking bigger. Which show's final episode made the biggest impact on you?

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