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Life Lessons Star Trek Taught Us

This week saw the 45th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek, the science fiction franchise that reflected the optimism of the space race and made science fiction mainstream years before George Lucas would manage to get Darth Vader to pant heavily. As a television show, it changed everything and taught the world many valuable lessons... like the ones we're about to share with you.

20 Can't-Miss Episodes Of Star Trek

Netflix has acquired streaming rights for all the Star Trek television series, and plans to roll them out toward the end of the year. Good news for fans, definitely, but what if you've never seen any of the five shows and your time is limited? Don't worry: We'll tell you the 20 episodes you should make room in your schedule to see.

10 Things To Hate About Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation was my first real Star Trek series. I was born too late for the original show (and the animated follow-up, for that matter), and as a kid, the re-runs just didn't do it for me. But ST:TNG debuted when I was thirteen, and I was completely sold on everything from Picard's calmness to Troi's plunging necklines. I avidly devoured every new episode, and couldn't wait for more... which should've been a sign that I shouldn't have rewatched the show recently, really.

Which Series Had The Best Ending?

Last week, I asked which season finale has excited you most, but following a week that's seen the series finales for Lost, Law & Order, 24 and FlashForward, I'm thinking bigger. Which show's final episode made the biggest impact on you?

Zander Cannon on "Star Trek: TNG: Ghosts"

Writer Zander Cannon and Javier Aranda weave a mysterious tale the five-issue "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts" miniseries from IDW. CBR News caught up with Cannon to discuss the story and his love of Trek.

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