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Those TNG Movies: What Went Wrong?

No matter what you may feel about the pleasures (or lack thereof) of Star Trek: The Next Generation the television show, I think it'd be fair to say that everyone can agree that the TNG movies were somewhat lacking, at best (With the exception of First Contact). What went wrong when scaling the series up to the big screen?

Five Crossovers Between The Next Generation and The Original Star Trek

The amount of time between the eras of the original Star Trek and The Next Generation would, on the face of it, suggest that fans of the former series would be disappointed if they hoped to see characters from the former show up in the latter. Of course, in the worlds of science fiction, everything is possible, leading to these five crossovers between the old and the then-new designed to celebrate the franchise's history.

Five Gifts From The Next Generation To Star Trek At Large

With the twenty-fifth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation just three weeks away, it's time to think about what the series contributed towards Trek lore as a whole. After all, it wasn't just the first successful Trek television series (The first series may have created the mythology, inspired a fandom and led to all that followed, but it still found itself cancelled twice, remember), but the series that rebuilt the universe for the two series that followed. So, what did TNG do with that opportunity? Here are five suggestions.

What Is Your Favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode?

September 28, four weeks tomorrow, will mark the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the show that reminded the world that, actually, they actually kind of love Star Trek. While my own personal loyalties in Trek are to Deep Space Nine, I know from firsthand experience that TNG has a lot of fans out there, and gave a lot to the franchise as a whole. So, here's a simple question: What one episode would you hold up as the best of the series?

Previously, On Star Trek

One of the perks of all of Star Trek now being available on Netflix Watch Instantly is that, if an episode suddenly refers back to another show entirely (As Deep Space Nine does, surprisingly often), you can just go and check that show out to catch up. With that in mind, here're some guides to some of Trek's longer-running, crossover-iest storyarcs.

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