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Tim's got Captain America on the mind, like much of comic book fandom this week, and he takes a look at Cap stories from each of the last five decades trying to figure out what the character says about comics, and about America.

Getting the 411 on Comic Books 101

Scott Tipton & Chris Ryall talk to CBR News about their new book, a primer to the comic book industry and history of superheroes entitled "Comic Books 101," which includes portions by Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison.

This Is Your Life: Stan Lee!

The Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre presents "This is Your Life: Stan Lee!" a send-up of the life & times of the Marvel Comics mastermind. We spoke with comedian Hal Rudnick about the show and his unique interpretation of "The Man."

The long national nightmare is officially over -- Keith Giffen has returned! After far too long of a break, Giffen is back at CBR to share his opinion on pretty much everything, and if you're in his sights, well, you're definitely in trouble.

The lawsuit over Stan Lee and why it's bad for us all; hats off to Russ Heath; 1000 reviews in 1000 days, week one; plus Patrick McGoohan, what to do about Diamond, the DVD of the week, political tidbits and tons of other notes.

David Aja Draws Thor #600

Marvel Comics has revealed the previously top secret artist for Stan Lee's contribution tothe hotly anticipated "Thor" #600 will be "Immortal Iron Fist" star David Aja. CBR has your exclusive first look at this story.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Stan Lee

The CBR Boat show at Comic-Con in San Diego came to a sudden halt this summer when comic book royalty in the form of Stan Lee boarded the yacht along with five lucky fans to sign autographs in support of The Hero Initiative.

Scream Awards 2008 Photo Parade

CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb was on the red carpet at Spike TV's 2008 Scream Awards, where she grabbed shots of comics luminaries like Frank Miller, Stan Lee, Brian K. Vaughan, and Mike Mignola.

I, SHMOBOT: Rifkin talks "Shmobots"

CBR speaks to "Detroit Rock City" filmmaker Adam Rifkin about his first foray into comics with BOOM!'s "Shmobots," a new graphic novel depicting a futuristic society overrun by an underclass of stoner, slacker robots.

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