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DC imprint WildStorm Productions is running wild on MySpace while the wily veteran Stan Lee pulls a Dale Carnegie by winning friends and influencing people on the nation’s most trafficked website.

NYCC: Stan Lee and Virgin Comics

At NYCC, Stan Lee and Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan announced a partnership between the publisher and comic book legend. Stan also shared his thoughts on "One More Day" and other Marvel events.

NYCC: Stan Lee Talks "Ultimo"

Friday at the New York Comic Con, Stan Lee announced "Ultimo," a new manga series from Viz Comics with art by Hiroyuki Takei. The series debuted today in Japan and American publication will follow as soon as possible.

NYCC: Legends Behind the Comic Books

CBR News and a crowd of fans got to spend an early Friday evening asking questions and listening to answers from some of the comic industry's most important elder statesmen (and woman).

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