Slott Paves the Way for "Spider-Island"

"Spider-Island" looms large in Spider-Man's future, but first he must overcome foes like Anti-Venom, Mister Negative, a new Wraith and the ever-present pressure of responsibilities. Slott told CBR about it all.

The Avengers Invade "Spider-Island"

Christopher Yost & Mike McKone take Earth's Mightiest Heroes to "Spider-Island" in "Spider-Island: Avengers" #1, debuting in September with a Leinil Yu cover, and the team of Hawkeye, Jewel, Ms. Marvel and...Frog-Man?

TALK TO THE HAT: The Great Renumbering Debate

Fresh off a Marvel Creative Summit with Brian Michael Bendis and the rest of the Marvel Architects, Tom Brevoort digs into DC's rumored plans for renumbering and how Marvel views the double-edged sword of reboots.

"Amazing Spider-Man's" Growing Infestation

In the current "Infested" shorts running in the back pages of "Amazing Spider-Man," the stage is being set for the upcoming Spidey event story "Spider-Island." We spoke with Editor Steve Wacker about the storyline.

TALK TO THE HAT: The Amazing Spider-Franchise

Tom Brevoort speaks on the current state of Spider-Man from the FCBD special kicking off "Spider-Island" to the difference between today and Brand New Day, while addressing current concerns over Marvel Comics page counts and more!

"Spider-Island" Infects "Venom"

Marvel's Spider-Man summer event "Spider-Island" collides with Rick Remender and Tom Fowler's "Venom" in issue #6 of the ongoing series. Featuring a Tony Moore cover, Flash Thompson visits Spider-Island in August.

Spider-Girl Vacations on "Spider-Island"

Marvel has announced the return of Anya Corazon in "Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl," a 3-issue miniseries from writer Paul Tobin and artist Pepe Larraz tying into this summer's major Spider-Man event.

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