Rumor: Marvel Eyes Tom Welling?

In the days leading up to the series finale of Smallville, a surprising, and perhaps unlikely, rumor has surfaced that Marvel may have some interest in star Tom Welling.

Smallville" >5 "Shock" Endings We'd Want To See On Smallville

It's the final episode ever of Smallville this week - An event a decade in the making, and one that, at times, has felt as if it's taken even longer to arrive. But on Friday, we'll finally get to see Clark embrace his true destiny and become the world's greatest hero... or will we? Here are five curveballs we almost wish the writers would throw us instead.

Rosenbaum, Durance Look Back on "Smallville"

The CW has released a slew of videos promoting "Smallville's" final episode featuring clips from the show's last chapter, interviews with Michael Rosenbaum and Erica Durance and looks back at previous seasons.

"Smallville's" A Tale of Two Zods

Before TV's current General Zod Callum Blue commanded Tom Welling's Clark Kent to "Kneel," the producers of "Smallville" had plans for a surprising Doomsday crossover, as actor Sam Witwer tells CBR.

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