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Cover of the Week - March 6

This week's Cover of the Week finds Li'l Ultron triumphant, the fairest wolf of them all, Glory's big -- really big -- battle, the worst road trip ever, and -- panels?

Young Kid-ifies "Uncanny X-Men" #1

Skottie Young's variant cover for Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo's "Uncanny X-Men" #1 has surfaced online, bringing Young's take on Cyclops' new outfit and the future of the "Uncanny" team.

CBR's 2012 Covers of the Year

CBR staffers Steve Sunu and Kevin Melrose count down the top 15 covers of 2012 with showings from Dave Johnson, Jock, Rafael Grampa, Paolo Rivera and more of the industry's top cover artists.

Cover of the Week - December 5

This week, Silk Spectre gets ready for her close-up, Dr. Zaius will see you now, the pint-sized Thunderbolts go a little gun-crazy, Dex Perios takes a road trip, and what Shako hates, Shako destroys!

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