On the Set of "Green Lantern"

CBR News shares an inside look at the filming of Warner Bros.' "Green Lantern" with an on-set visit, where cast and crew provided access to early test footage, the art department and a close encounter with a power ring

CBR's "Green Lantern" Set Visit Preview

CBR News previews our visit to the set of "Green Lantern," including newly released concept art revealing what to expect from the big screen debut of the Guardians homeworld & Green Lantern Corps headquarters, Oa.

Ethan Van Sciver Sings the Blues

At Wizard's Chicago Con, Ethan Van Sciver serenaded fans with songs about body odor and Star Trek, while officially announcing the return of Cyberfrog and discussing the creation of horror villains in "Green Lantern."

CCI: Spotlight on Ivan Reis

Ivan Reis gave a retrospective of his artistic work during his Spotlight panel, from his earliest drawings at 11 years old to his current work on "Brightest Day," plus a quick tease about an upcoming "Sinestro" OGN.

Johns Reveals Live-Action Blue Beetle Test

DCE CCO Geoff Johns unveils the buzzed about images of Jaime Reyes transforming into a superhero, plus reveals more news from DC including the story behind the new Aqualad. UPDATED with more photos.


In the first part of a weeklong series, superstar writer Geoff Johns discusses the secret origin of Green Lantern, the "Rage of the Red Lanterns" and James Robinson’s new Justice League title.

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