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Is Twice Monthly Twice as Nice?

With DC's "Rebirth" titles impending, Ron Marz recounts his own experiences juggling scripts on comics that shipped more frequently than monthly.

Embracing an Annual Tradition

New characters are sometimes born of editorial mandates, and Ron Marz recounts writing a trio of Marvel Annuals designed to satisfy that desire.

I Wielded the Power Cosmic!

Ron Marz pages through the recent "Cosmic Powers" trade paperback, collecting Thanos-centric stories he wrote more than twenty years ago.

Creating a Creative Sanctuary

Ron Marz writes about his recent tour of Pixar Animation Studios, and the huge injection of inspiration he received thanks to his visit.

Co-Signing for Co-Writing

Ron Marz avoided co-writing for most of his career, but two recent project have him rethinking his views on sharing the credits box.

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