Montclare Assembles the "Fearsome Four"

CBR spoke with writer Brandon Montclare about his June miniseries, "Fear Itself: Fearsome Four," which sends Howard the Duck, She-Hulk, Nighthawk and Frankenstein's monster on a mission to save the Man-Thing.

Howard the Duck Faces "Fear Itself"

Howard the Duck teams with She-Hulk, Frankenstein's Monster and Nighthawk to take on Man-Thing in June's "Fear Itself: Fearsome Four" miniseries by Brandon Montclare and Ryan Bodenheim, with covers by Michael Kaluta.

Marvel Comics On Sale January 5, 2011

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Ant-Man & Wasp" #3, "Generation Hope" #3, "Ultimate Comics Captain America" #1 and many more.

MARVEL T&A: Friday All-Fan Q&A

Tom Brevoort & Axel Alonso, Marvel Comics' editorial team-up, return to CBR for a special all-fan question T&A focusing on the origin of the Five Lights, the status of "She-Hulks" and which Deadpool books are leaving.

Wilcox Teams Up "She-Hulks"

After making his name for not killing Jen Walters in "World War Hulks," writer Harrison Wilcox takes to smashing the Marvel U on a monthly basis with artist Ryan Stegman on the bounty hunting team-up title "She-Hulks."

"She-Hulks" Smash In November

Marvel Comics has announced "She-Hulks," a new series spinning out of "World War Hulks" in November from the creative team of writer Harrison Wilcox and artist Ryan Stegman with a cover by Ed McGuinness.

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