Shawn Ryan

Beverly Hills Cop Heads to CBS

CBS has given a pilot production commitment to Beverly Hills Cop, a continuation of the hit film franchise from Eddie Murphy and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan.

Fox Cancels Human Target, Passes On Locke & Key

Ahead of its upfront presentation, the network announced five cancellations, including the comics-based action drama Human Target, and four new series, including J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz. However, Fox decided not to pick up the buzz-generating adaptation Locke & Key.

FX, Sadly, Puts Down Terriers

As feared, FX has decided to cancel Terriers, its quirky neo-noir drama about two friends working as unlicensed private investigators in sunny but seedy Ocean Beach, Calif. Although the series featured top-notch talent in front of the camera and behind, it may have been doomed from the start by a bad title reinforced by a bad marketing campaign.

Shawn Ryan Is Without Remorse

Jack Ryan isn't the only Tom Clancy penned character making a big screen comeback. In addition to Paramount Pictures' developing Moscow, the studio has also tapped The Shield creator Shawn Ryan to adapt Clancy's Without Remorse, which tells the origin story of covert operative John Clark.