sex criminals

Sex Criminals #15

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky bring trouble home to roost in "Sex Criminals" #15, where one character starts to lose interest in the central conceit of the comic.

Sex Criminals #14

"Sex Criminals" #14 gets more meta than ever as Suzie and Ana have it out, the Sex-Men continue to move against our heroes and Chip Zdarsky sits on top of Matt Fraction.

Sex Criminals #13

Chip Zdarsky and some other guy not important enough to be listed on the cover or get a Harvey Award introduce us to a new character in "Sex Criminals" #13 and, like, things happen.

Sex Criminals #11

"Sex Criminals" #11 kicks off the series' third volume with a reminder of just what it is that Suzie and Jon are up to, and Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky pay a brief homage to David Caruso's reign on "CSI: Miami." No, really

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