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A second big winning week in a row for the new year, as bricks get counted, Black Bolt makes a decision, El Diablo tells it like it is, Marvel gets organized, Clock King fascinates and more in this week's THE BUY PILE.

DC Comics On Sale January 7, 2009

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new books on sale this week including "Terror Titans" #4, "Trinity" #32, "Faces of Evil: Grundy," "Secret Six" #5, "Detective Comics" #852 and more.

Whatever you do, do not call it a comeback for Milestone's many masterpieces, plus Gail Simone makes it good to be bad, phonomancers are back in a big way plus so much more.

This week's Buy Pile motto is "step up your game," as former also-rans make it to the big leagues with "Deadpool," "Drafted," "Secret Six," "Rex Mundi" and an all-league performance from "The Invincible Iron Man."

A winning week shows up with Spider-Man knowing his role, Matt Fraction hitting his stride, Bill Willingham finishing things up, Larry Hama and Gail Simone calling it a comeback and more goodies to share.

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