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Everything works out this week when Deadshot follows his destiny, Vril Dox learns a lesson, Matty Roth goes back to basics and Kid-with-knife learns about magic all on a New Comics Day that makes comics worth reading.

Another winning week has come and... well, it's still here. The Red Invasion's too good to resist, even stories have spies, Deadshot intimidates, Parker Robbins inspires and only Kal-El and Steve Rogers screw up at all.

You won't need a dose of venom to enjoy this week's wonderfully winning batch of comics, with a flying monkey coming into his own, a combat magician pulling the trigger and much more, moving past extradimensional sidekicks.

In this week's column, we look at the cast of the Wonder Woman Universe, both Amazonian and otherwise; who the characters are and how they've developed, how they fit into Diana's universe and, on a meta level, into ours as well.

In this installment of WONDER OF WONDERS, guest writer Robert Jones Jr. takes a look at "Secret Six" #13, it's imagery and underlying themes and what it all means when examined alongside Wonder Woman's mythology.

Ostrander's "Secret Six" & Comix4Sight

Veteran comic book writer John Ostrander discusses his return to Deadshot in "Secret Six" #15 and his amazement with the comics industry, which has rallied around him as has he fights for his sight against glaucoma.

Winning by algebra as Larry Trainor, Scandal Savage, Princess Shuri, Royal Williams and three guys named Tony have a good week, featuring four jumps and even an interesting turn from Tyrese Gibson.

Ambition leads the day as people try some new things, from "Sex and the Marvel U" down to "Greek Street," with uncivil wars, spoiled romance, quests for revenge and plenty more in a winning week. This is The Buy Pile.

Why so serious, Catman? Things went well with Jack of Fables back on the farm, William Gravel catching a shower and Mark Sable doing the unthinkable, plus "Dark Reign," Lantern action and more.

Just barely winning with a double date that only has one guy and Matt Murdock doing the impossible in the prohibition era, a mountain of "meh" and a debilitating cold can't stop this week's reviews from coming in.

If you don't so much lose, that's like winning, right?  We believe so with "Secret Six," "Deadpool," "Black Lightning," "Agents of Atlas" and more ... as the Buy Pile celebrates six years of service. We're just as surprised as you are.

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