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CBR's 2012 Covers of the Year

CBR staffers Steve Sunu and Kevin Melrose count down the top 15 covers of 2012 with showings from Dave Johnson, Jock, Rafael Grampa, Paolo Rivera and more of the industry's top cover artists.

Cover of the Week - November 28

This week, "B.P.R.D." shows a little heart, pulp heroes unite, Red Skull opens his own X-files, "Prophet" embraces vintage sci-fi and whatever you do, don't look at the reflection in the blade!

Cover of the Week - October 31

This week, the vampires look on the bright side, "Fatale" gets groovy, murder looks lovely, Miles Morales looks downtrodden, and "Witchblade" goes negative (space).

Cover of the Week - October 3

This week, Peter Parker's Spider-Sense is tingling, "Fatale" goes to the dogs, Rorschach goes for breakfast, the zombie apocalypse arrives in Riverdale and Matt Murdock goes to meet his maker.

Covers of the Week - August 15

This week, the Lizard's up to his eyeball in Spider-Man, Batwoman chants "Bloody Mary" three times, Daredevil keeps watch over Hell's Kitchen, we wonder what's behind the blue-green door and go leaf watching in space.

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