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McKeever Leads a "Revolt" Against Fear

This May, writer Sean McKeever and artist Mike Norton reunite several members of the Initiative program for "Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt." CBR News spoke with McKeever about his plans for the miniseries.

Liefeld Covers "Onslaught Unleashed"

Marvel has released Rob Liefeld's variants for "Onslaught Unleashed" #1. The series, written by Sean McKeever with art by Filipe Andrade and covers by Humberto Ramos and Liefeld, slams into stores in February 2011.

Marvel Unleashes Onslaught in February

Marvel has released a teaser image featuring Humberto Ramos' cover for "Onslaught Unleashed." The series, written by Sean McKeever with art by Filipe Andrade with variant cover by Rob Liefeld, hits in February.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "I Am An Avenger" #2

Marvel has released an advance look at "I Am An Avenger" #2, featuring stories by Greg Rucka, Sean McKeever and Paul Tobin with art by Mike Mayhew and more. The issue, with a Greg Land cover, hits stores October 13.

"Young Allies'" Araña Makeover

Marvel Comics' latest promo for the Sean McKeever teen hero series features a facelift for the spider-themed heroine, prompting questions for what the future holds for Araña and company.

Sean McKeever Talks "Siege: Young Avengers"

The Young Avengers go to war in April's one-shot "Siege: Young Avengers" by writer Sean McKeever and artist Mahmud Asrar. CBR News spoke with McKeever about the project, which plunges the characters into the thick of the Siege of Asgard.

McKeever Enlists "Young Allies"

Firestar, Araña, Gravity and other young heroes team up with Nomad for a Heroic Age ongoing series set to define a new generation of Marvel heroes, as the Young Allies battle a coalition called the Bastards of Evil.

Sean McKeever is Still "Waiting"

McKeever's early indie series, "The Waiting Place," gets collected in one massive volume this week. The writer shares his thoughts on the edition with an exclusive look at the new epilogue, titled "Seven Years Later..."

Sean McKeever Leaves Teen Titans

Writer Sean McKeever announced in a message forum post last night that he is leaving "Teen Titans" with May's issue #71. McKeever scripted the DC Comics series for 22 issues.

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