SDCC: Superman - The Post-Crisis Era

Marv Wolfman, Mike Carlin, Jerry Ordway and more creators from the Post-Crisis-era of Superman reflected at Comic-Con on the stories and events that helped shaped the Man of Steel in the '80s and '90s.

SDCC: "ElfQuest" - 35 Years and Beyond

"ElfQuest" creators Richard and Wendy Pini alongside a panel of "ElfQuest" experts discussed the current state of the popular comic and the future of the franchise, including new comics from Dark Horse.

TOYING AROUND: SDCC Merchandise part 2

This week's TOYING AROUND spotlights more Comic-Con International in San Diego reveals, including the latest Star Wars Black Series line-up, Hasbro's new Marvel figures & MattyCollector's selection of DC personalities.

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