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Robin: Son of Batman #7

Patrick Gleason, Ray Fawkes, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens continue the "Robin War" crossover in "Robin: Son of Batman" #7, but a storyline that started off strong is starting to lose steam.

Rozum Exits "Static Shock"

With only one issue on the stands, the co-writer of DC's relaunch of the iconic teen superhero "Static Shock" has opted to step off the book saying "My issues for leaving had nothing to do with the character or with DC Comics." UPDATED

Static Shocks the DCU in 2011

DC Comics has announced a new, ongoing "Static Shock" series set to debut in May 2011 written by the previous miniseries' scribe Felecia Henderson who will be joined by artists Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion.

To The Batcave with Paul Cornell

Hugo-nominated British writer Paul Cornell spoke with CBR News about his upcoming run on "Batman and Robin," sharing details about the new supervillain he's adding to the Dark Knight's rogues gallery along the way.

Zen & The Art of DC's "The Great Ten"

Writer of the critical hit "R.E.B.E.L.S.", Tony Bedard is set to unleash "The Great Ten" on the DC Universe with a 10-part miniseries drawn by Scott McDaniel. CBR spoke with the writer about China's high-powered team of super-functionaries.

TRINGENUITY 27: Trinity Commentary

While the JSI does battle, the Troika completes their evil union. But what does that mean for the being known as Konvikt? We examine last week's "Trinity," which also reintroduces Morgaine's minions, The Dreambound.