scott kurtz

NYCC: Kurtz Talks Digital vs. Print

What was intended to be a debate between webcomics titan Scott Kurtz and legendary cartoonist Ted Rall about web versus print turned into a thoughtful discussion about the future of print media.

Kurtz & Adams Throwdown at the North Pole

This holiday season may end up seeing the biggest "PvP" Christmas storyline ever as the strip's creator, Scott Kurtz, is joined by comic book legend Neal Adams to present the latest battle in the Kringus vs. Santa Claus war.

Augie has a special video intro for his main review this week, "The PVP Aweseomology." Fans of the strip will have much to enjoy here. Plus, Jeff Parker & Steve Lieber team up for 'Underground,' and a lot of Pipeline Podcasts to catch up on.

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