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Beatty Resurrects "The Last Phantom"

Writer Scott Beatty spoke with CBR News about his role in Dynamite Entertainment's series "The Last Phantom," letting fans know what to expect from Kit Walker in this new take on The Ghost Who Walks.

The Phantom Returns at Dynamite

The creative team of Alex Ross, Scott Beatty and Eduardo Ferigato bring the Ghost who Walks to Dynamite Entertainment with "The Last Phantom," a dramatic re-imagining of the character coming out this summer.

Scott Beatty On the End of "Buck Rogers"

As Dynamite's futuristic sci-fi hero's journey comes to a close with issue #12, writer Scott Beatty reveals a bit about the closing story and Buck's future in comics. Plus, read the entire first issue right here on CBR.

Buck Rogers Flies Solo

A special done-in-one issue of Dynamiite's new "Buck Rogers" series blasts off to bring aboard new fans while classic villains, twisted timelines and antagonistic romance waits in the wings, explains writer Scott Beatty.

Scott Beatty Talks Buck Rogers

Writer Scott Beatty starts his 25th Century tour with a 25-cent one-shot and the supposed death of an icon in Dynamite's "Buck Rogers" #0, on sale in May. CBR spoke with Beatty about the issue and the ambitious ongoing that follows.

Mapping the Wildstorm Universe: Gen13

Baby villains, anti-superhero squadrons and the all-new Gen14 beset Wildstorm's signature teenage team in ravaged earth that is World's End. To learn more about "Gen13," CBR News spoke with writer Scott Beatty.