X-POSITION: Top X-Moments of 2011

2011 was yet another year of watershed moments for Marvel's (not so) merry mutants. Today's X-POSITION counts down the biggest 12 moments of the year for the X-Men and their friends and family as decided by you!

NYCC: X-Men: Regenesis

The minds behind the aftermath of "X-Men: Schism" draw the lines between Cyclops and Wolverine and lay out the roadmap for the future of the X-Men family.

EXCLUSIVE TEASER: "X-Men: Regenesis"

Marvel has provided CBR News with an exclusive preview of Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan's "X-Men: Regenesis" one-shot, offering an early look at Storm's decision to stand with Cyclops over Wolverine.

Carey Prepares His Final "Legacy"

With "X-Men Legacy" #255 in stores now, writer Mike Carey's run inches closer to its finale. CBR News spoke with Carey about the plans he still has left for Rogue and the X-Men.

Marvel Unveils Cyclops' Full Roster

Marvel has finally un-silhouetted all of the teased mutants siding with Cyclops in the post-Schism X-Universe, revealing a team that includes at least one more surprise alliance.

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