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Scott Ian Drives Lobo to Hell

CBR News speaks with thrash metal icon Scott Ian about his two-part "Lobo: Highway to Hell" mini series, making the jump from music to comics, who he thinks should play Lobo in the forthcoming movie, and much more.

Giffen on Lobo's Big Screen Debut

The Main Man may be getting his own movie, and Keith Giffen couldn't be more pleased. CBR News spoke with Lobo's co-creator about the news that Guy Ritchie is to direct a movie based on the DC antihero.

Anthrax Guitarist to Write Lobo Book

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has confirmed that he is working on a Lobo project for DC Comics, to be drawn by Sam Kieth. The news was first revealed by Keith in an interview with CBR News.

Sam Kieth's "Inner Bimbo"

CBR presents a fascinating, in-depth chat with Sam Kieth about "My Inner Bimbo," the latest in his line of Trout Stories, and his take on the subconscious, symbolism, and what readers can expect from his next series.

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