salva espin

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #1

Deadpool leads a group of Z-listers on a smash-and-grab operation that may have universal ramifications in Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin's "Deadpool and the Mercs for Money" #1.

Way Gets Evil in "Deadpool"

In "Deadpool" #44 the Merc With a Mouth comes face to face with his ultimate enemy, a patchwork monstrosity known as Evil Deadpool. CBR spoke with writer Daniel Way about the confrontation.

Gillen Believes in "Generation Hope"

In "Generation Hope" #6, the new mutants leave on their first mission as a mutant rescue team. We spoke with writer Kieron Gillen about the undertaking and setting up the book's status quo moving forward.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Generation Hope" #2

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Generation Hope" #2. Written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salva Espin and covers by Olivier Coipel, Greg Land & Marko Djurdjevic, the issue hits stores December 1.

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