The Middle Ground #132 | At knockdown prices

Ah, the joys of comic book sales. With everything that appears in your local store on a weekly basis, you could be forgiven for overlooking some treasures waiting for you in the back issue bins or the graphic novel back stock shelves, but when the sales come along, it can be a gift: Not only a reason to dive into the back pages of things you might've missed, but also a chance to get them for less money than you would've paid the first time around.

DC Sales Keep Batman High & Digital Changing

DC Comics executives Bob Wayne and John Cunningham discuss the August sales numbers including an exclusive look at their digital rankings as Batman graphic novels lead a solid if expected level after a year of the New 52.

DC's New 52: Retailer Report 1

After the first full week of comic shops sales, CBR talks to retailers across the country about DC Comics New 52 titles to see what the fan response was, what shop owners want to see next and what books beyond "Justice League" hit big.

Rood & Wayne: DC Sales Exceed Predictions

With over 200K copies for "Justice League" #1 and ten books rocketing past 100K in sales, DC's New 52 seems a major sales success as John Rood and Bob Wayne tell CBR how the company will adjust to demand and move forward.

CBR's Publishers Roundtable: Sales & Strategy

In the midst of soft sales, big media pushes by Marvel and the aggressive launch of DC's New 52, we spoke to the publishers of BOOM!, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW and Top Cow about making moves in a world dominated by the big two.

Brian Hibbs is at it again this month with a look at 2010 sales figures, an examination of "deconstructed" storytelling, the effect of event comics and rising prices on periodical sales and more.

Marvel Drops $3.99 Price On New Titles

Promoted as a benefit of digital sales, Marvel Comics' David Gabriel announced at the ICv2 Conference On Comics & Digital that the publisher would debut new titles at a lower price point in January.

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