sales analysis

MAYO REPORT: March 2009 Sales Analysis

CBR's John Mayo breaks down the particularly low sales numbers for March of 2009 -- books like "Marvel: Your Universe" and "The Mighty" seeing huge sales drops-- and shows you what a month of no event comics looks like.

MAYO REPORT: December 2008 Sales Analysis

Marvel once again dominated the sales figures in December 2008, with their highest dollar amount since 2003. Also, John discusses which titles are likely to be affected when Diamond's new cutoff levels kick in this year.

MAYO REPORT: September 2008 Sales Analysis

The absence of new issues of "Final Crisis," "Batman," "Justice League of America," "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds" hit DC hard in September, and Marvel came out on top with "Secret Invasion" #6.

MAYO REPORT: August 2008 Sales Analysis

August was an important month for DC Comics, with "Watchmen" outselling the seven new releases in the top trades combined. But the publisher also had a setback with "Family Dynamic."

MAYO REPORT: June 2008 Sales Analysis

John Mayo returns with an analysis of his estimated sales numbers for June, 2008, which saw "Secret Invasion" lead the pack once again, with Hellboy trades showing big bumps and Buffy still going strong.