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Ottley Makes A Difference on "Haunt"

"Invincible" and "Haunt" artist Ryan Ottley talks to CBR about the differences between the two Robert Kirkman-penned books and working with Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo. Plus, Kirkman himself weighs in on his collaborator's work.

EXCLUSIVE: "Haunt" Art by Ryan Ottley

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR brings an exclusive first look at the second of four teasers for "Haunt," the new ongoing series created by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane. This image is by Ryan Ottley.

Invincible's Done-in-One Crossover

Robert Kirkman reveals exclusively to CBR his plan for an epic Image Comics crossover event contained entirely within in the pages of "Invincible" #60, complete with Ryan Ottley's massive gatefold cover!

EXCLUSIVE: Invincible #51 Preview

CBR's weeklong celebration of Image Comics' landmark "Invincible" #50 concludes with this exclusive preview of issue #51 by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Ryan Ottley, with a cover by Jim Lee.

Invincible at 50: Bill Crabtree

After 50 issues non-stop, series colorist Bill Crabtree says goodbye to"Invincible" and tells CBR News how the ride has been, why he's moving on and what exactly it's like to color all that blood.

Invincible At 50: Ryan Ottley

"Invincible's" long-standing artist Ryan Ottley takes a timeout from the drawing board to recall his earliest days on the Image Comics series, explain why he didn't think he'd make it this far, and reveal what makes #50 his best issue yet.

Invincible at 50: Robert Kirkman, Part II

CBR News' lengthy chat with "Invincible" co-creator Robert Kirkman continues as the writer looks towards the future of the Invincible Universe, including spin offs, future plotlines and the rumored feature film!

Invincible at 50: Robert Kirkman, Part I

In this first part of an extensive interview, Robert Kirkman, the writer and co- creator of Image Comics' superhero hit, reflects on 50 issues of stories, dives into his love of subplots (including one he forgot) and much, much more!

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