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THE BAT SIGNAL: Adam Beechen

Adam Beechen, the writer behind the new "Batman Beyond" ongoing series, returns to THE BAT SIGNAL to catch fans on up on how day-and-date digital and the future Justice League combine to draw in readers new and old.

"Batman Beyond" Goes Digital Day & Date

DC Comics has announced their "Batman Beyond" ongoing series will be available through comiXology, PSN and DCComics.com simultaneously with printed issues hitting store shelves, sharing the cover price of $2.99.

NYCC: Beechen Takes Batman "Beyond"

With the continuing adventures of future Dark Knight Terry McGinnis officially on the slate for January, the writer behind the hit mini, Adam Beechen, explained his plans for expanding the world of "Batman Beyond."

Beechen on "Batman Beyond"

Adam Beechen shares some more details on the "Batman Beyond" mini series announced yesterday, including which other characters we may see besides Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis and where the series is set in terms of DCU and DCAU continuity.

Jesse Blaze Snider on DC's "Dead Romeo"

Writer Jesse Blaze Snider talks to CBR News about "Dead Romero," an ultra-violent vampire love epic told in six Ryan Bejamin-illustrated issues, the first of which is on sale today from DC Comics.