Marvel Reacts To Runaways Race Bending Accusations

When an open casting call for Runaways began circulating earlier this month, many fans were alarmed that the apparent description for Nico Minoru didn't indicate that the role was for an Asian-American actress. But Marvel isn't planning to shy away from Nico's ethnicity, according to the studio.

Casting Begins For Marvel's Runaways

An open call has gone out for the six lead roles in Runaways, the Marvel Studios adaptation of the comic created in 2003 by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. Filming is set to begin in January, with Peter Sollett (Nick And Nora’s Infinite Playlist) directing.

Marvel's Runaways To Start Filming In January?

Production Weekly reports that Marvel Studios will begin filming Runaways in January. When last we heard about the adaptation, Peter Sollett (Nick And Nora's Infinite Playlist) was negotiating to direct, while Drew Pearce (No Heroics) had been hired to write the screenplay.

Cup 'O Video Q&A: Joe Quesada

What's up with "Runaways?" How about Iron Fist and Norman Osborn? Marvel's philosophy about digital distribution? Joe Quesada answers your questions and more in CBR TV's exclusive CUP O' VIDEO Q&A!

Marvel Finds "Runaways" Director?

Rumor has it that Marvel is close to signing a director for their adaptation of Brian K Vaughan's acclaimed teen superhero series - Peter Sollett of "Nick And Nora's Infinite Playlist" fame.

Cup O' Q&A: Runaways, War Machine & More!

This week, Marvel Editor-in-Chief tackles the status of several series that have gone M.I.A. like 'Runaways' and 'Newuniversal' while highlighting an exclusive look at some sexy violent 'X-Force' art along the way!

Cup O' Q&A: Runaways, Hulk, Dazzler

In this week's CUP O' Q&A, Joe Quesada goes in-depth on the future of Runaways and its creators, the fate of Iron Man and Pepper Potts, and what exactly is up with Dazzler's chances for a solo title.

Marvel Comics On Sale August 27th, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Runaways" #1, Avengers: The Initiative" #16, "Daredevil" #110, "Wolverine" #68, Thunderbolts" #123 and more.

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