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X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron swings by X-POSITION this week, offering word on guest stars, Kubrick anecdotes and grooming tips for grizzly men - and we're not talking about Wolverine! Plus, exclusive art from "Wolverine" #3!

Jason Aaron spoke with CBR TV about "Where the Hell Am I," his career in comics to date, developing "Ultimate Comics Captain America" with Ron Garney, his favorite artists to work with and much more!

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

"Wolverine: Weapon X" writer Jason Aaron joins X-POSITION to answer reader questions about Logan's various loves, the launching of his new title and a trip to Hell. Plus, exclusive "Weapon X" art by Ron Garney!

Aaron Marks Wolverine for Deathlok

In "Wolverine Weapon X," Logan and Captain America must thwart an army of cyborg assassins from the future. We spoke with Jason Aaron about bringing Deathlok back from the future into the present day Marvel U.

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