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Sam Humphries Gets "Uncanny" With "X-Force"

The strange, shadowy critical hit from Marvel is getting reinvented by a new creative team as writer Sam Humphries explains his plans for "Uncanny X-Force" from mohawk Storm to outsider mutants to Bishop's return.

Reviving Mark Waid's Red Skull

In October, Marvel Comics will release the original version of "Captain America" #14 by Mark Waid and Andy Kubert. The writer told CBR why the Red Skull story never saw print and what it means to his career.

Rob Williams Is Rockin' With "Daken"

Rob Williams spoke with us about taking on "Daken: Dark Wolverine," moving the character to Los Angeles and how his work on 2000AD's "Low Life" helped prepare him to take on Marvel's most conniving character.

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