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WEEK OF THE DEAD II: Charlie Adlard

With Image Comics' "The Walking Dead" reaching a landmark fiftieth issue, series artist Charlie Adlard stops by CBR to talk about the book, from reading it, to drawing it, and how it has changed him over the last four years.

WEEK OF THE DEAD I: Robert Kirkman

"The zombie movie that never ends," Robert Kirkman's Image series "The Walking Dead" is showing no signs of slowing down as it reaches it's fiftieth issue. We spoke with Kirkman about the book's history and what's coming next.

ECCC 2008: Image Comics Panel

Richard Starkings, Jay Faerber and Robert Kirkman tease a variety of upcoming Image Comics projects (complete with massive art gallery), all from the comfort of a couch.

NYCC: Kirkman Talks "Destroyer MAX"

This September, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker chronicle the final days of a hero of World War II in the "Destroyer MAX" mini-series. CBR News spoke with Kirkman about the project.

Augie runs down some interesting panels coming up at this week's New York Comic-Con, looks at some original art with a baseball theme from Todd Nauck, runs though last week's top releases including "The Walking Dead" and more.

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