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Jan Strnad Enters "Ragemoor"

"Mutant World" creators Jan Strnad and Richard Corben unite again for "Ragemoor," a story of a living castle and its monstrous inhabitants. CBR spoke with Strnad about the project with an exclusive look at Corben's art..

FIRST LOOK: Hellboy, Witchfinder Covers

Dark Horse has provided CBR News with an exclusive First Look at Richard Corben's cover for "Hellboy: Being Human" featuring Roger the Homunculus and Mike Mignola's cover for "Witchfinder: Lost and Gone Forever."

HELL(BOY) ON EARTH: Hellboy in 2011

Mike Mignola spoke about his plans for Hellboy in 2011, including "The Fury" with Duncan Fegredo, new one-shots with Richard Corben and Kevin Nowlan, and, of course, the creator's own return to the drawing board.

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