Customers come and go, but some of them quite simply remain in your memories forever, whether it's because they were huge spenders, notoriously thrifty, incredibly anal or, in the case of one of Jud's, just plain unforgettable.

After a short hiatus, ReTales returns to it's Thursday perch as Jud offers an invitation to CBR readers as he puts a face on your local comic shop and explains just what it offers you that the online retailers simply cannot.

Jud and Earth-2 Comics have just seen an over 2 year journey come to fruition with the opening of the Penny Lane Resource Room for orphaned, needy and at-risk children, but that doesn't mean that the work is over just yet.

In this week's installment of ReTales, Jud reminisces about 1985, the first tales of the Green Lantern Corps, a young man's illicit subway ride into New York City and and adventure with a man named Julie.

A rainy day is rarely much fun, but it can be far worse when your business involved paper collectibles and the roof decides to let the water come inside to get dry, as Jud found out on one disasterous New Year's Eve day.

This week, Jud introduces us to Carlos, a teacher and a family man who happens to be a regular customer at Jud's store. Carlos also happens to be a lifelong, die hard comic book fan despite not having read one in decades.

Everyone has that first love, be it their first car, the first time they saw Star Wars or good old Cindy Warnerson from fourth grade. But some are a lot easier to get over and forget about than others.

When faced with the realities of a small business just starting up or dealing with difficult economic times, it can be tough at times to figure out how to best spend whatever advertising budget you may have. For Jud, it's all in the bag.

This week, Judd shares a story about true love, and how something as innocent and innocuous as Archie comic books managed to enrich at least one of his store's regular couple's lives in an extremely meaningful way.

In the latest installment of ReTales, Earth-2's Jud Meyers illustrates that the old adage, "breaking up is hard to do," holds true... even when you're talking about comic book stores and the customers who love them.

In his second installment of ReTales on CBR, retailer Jud Meyers shares an interesting example of how bending the rules and listening to a customer can change someone's life in unexpectedly positive and dramatic ways.